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my phone, my friend

these years when we talk about an smart phone and internet connection , we always talk about Facebook app, Instagram , twitter, online games and other addictive apps.
parents are always concerned about the damage of smartphone, many researchers see smartphone addiction as a more serious threat than drug addiction, we always talk about the danger of smartphones and a lot of more negative sentence .to be honest they are true. I wasn't an addicted person to my cell phone but it always took my times. some time ago , when I found myself in a special time that I need 25 hour a day, i decide to make a change in my lifestyle and especially "mobile phone usage".(that time i check Instagram several times each day and some days i spend about one hour on Instagram) . so I decide remove all of these NOT USEFUL applications . so I did it.
i remove Instagram , my telegram and some others .
in this post I wanna talk about the effect of this my decision and useful app I found in replace…
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back to the rules, rule number two

in "so, lets make a few rules" we talk about 4 rules that helped me and I suggest you these rules . in previous post ,"back to the rules , rule number one" we discuss about rule number one ,find your real friends and remove fake friends.
now we are here to talk about rules number two : read books every day .

"money or knowledge, which one is better?" its a very famous Persian question that we Iranian people always discuss on it. whats your answer ? money or knowledge?
 I believe if you have money but you have not knowledge, you are a loser and if you are a wise man but you have no money , you are a loser too .
we need both of them to make our dreams to reality .
so we need "learning" always , we must learn what we need for our goals. as I believe , knowledge can magic.
we can learn from? we can learn from books , we can learn from magazine , from blogs , from Youtube , twitter , facebook and every where we can imagine.
learning is not reading co…

Back to the Rules, Number One

about 10 days ago , we make 4 rules for ourselves in "so make a few rules" post.
today i want to talk abut rule number One; find your real friends and remove fake friends.
all of us have a lot of people around ourselves, family, classmates, colleagues and ... ,and we need them, but why?
in all ages of history , since our ancestors spends days in jungle and nights in the cave, until now that we live in big modern cities , we need others.
in past we need other people for survive , when our hunter ancestors were hunting alone , they had little chance, so they were getting less food. but when they were a group, they performed better and they had more chance of survive.
so if we chose to be alone, we will die , so we need people to support us , to help us and to complete us .
the hunting ability of our ancestors were fulfilled when they were with others , if their hunt partners were good hunters too. if they were bad , its was possible to kill the whole group with just one mistak…

Home , Office , Gym

today i found myself when i was exercising in front of my Canvas business model  that i made by paper and tape and installed on the wall , and stuck my note on that . on the exactly middle of my home .
that moment I felt how much I love this place , i know this home is so small , have not a special thing and i even have no dining table or a couch, BUT this place is my " happy palace". every day i wake up and do things that i enjoy . I read books and magazine , some times i try to draw something , i watch my favorite movies , I practice English , i do my work , think and plan about my dreams ( like what i talked about in previous posts) , study for exams , study for my university project , do exercise , cook , and a lot of other things .  some times this lifestyle make me tired , but i love this , you know why???  because i have a goal for my life  when you have goals , you'll never give up , you'll never get tired .
everyday , when i wake up , i say :" just do i…

so, lets make a few rules

as I said in my previous posts , all of us have a dream . and after i said i have a big dream , bigger than whatever i can imagine . so if you are the same , lets shake hands and call ourselves "US"
in this blog I want to write about all of I read and I learned about success,UNTIL i will be the man who I want to be . and after that , i write about my experience .
in this blog I call you " friend" , and your comments is so important to me , because at first I need these comments as FEED BACKS to improve my self , my English writing skill and learn and read your experience and use them in my life and make a useful discussion , and then help each other to get what we want . don't forget, we are FRIEND here .
so guys , here we are , MJ JAVIDI world .
3 years ago , one of my friend wrote on my Hand 4 rules that you see below

stay alonestudy hardmake money redemption 
you must have guessed that we were student ;)
but now that i'm not just a student , by a little c…

if you can imagine your dreams, so let it go

when i was about 10 , i had some big dreams , like every child at that days . one day one of my friend told me ;" when you grow up , your dreams will be smaller and you will think more logical and will understand the grown up world is different". she was right , her father had told her these .
BUT 8 years later , when i was in high school  , i had bigger dreams than those days of ten .
in those days i did not know how big i could wish , how big i could "want" but in 18 ? yes i knew.
after that i decide to dream bigger and bigger . i told myself :" as you grow up, your dreams must be bigger, your dreams will be bigger and you will never think logical as other grown up."
and know i am 22 years old and i have my special dreams. nearly all of my friend believe that i am crazy and immature . they always tell me " hey Mj think logical , think and plan about possible things and goals" . its not important what they think about me and about life .just wh…

I have a DREAM , lets make some changes

have you ever feel you are the only person that can DO somethings and make some changes BUT you always have a big fear to start ?
if you re like that, so WELCOME TO MY WORLD .
I am Mohammadjavad , frinds call me MJ . 22 years old now ( August 2019) and a engineering student , from Tehran , IRAN .
when new Persian year (1398) came , i said this year is " DOING YEAR". for about 3 years every day i was reading books, watching educational moves , going to different Class and Workshop and every day i want to start DOING thing ,take the first step but i couldnt .
if you have a dream , its not important what dream that you have , what information and data you have in your brain , what books you have read , and what degree you have . its important you TAKE THE FIRST STEP .
taking the first step was a very big problem for ME and this year i siad :" hey MJ , DUDE , just start and do something". and now , this English Blog is one of these First Steps.
when i ws…